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Take it outside.

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Take on the great outdoors 

in rugged and comfortable clothing that’s not just perfect for work, but also adventures. Whether you're hiking, rock climbing, or taking on the wilderness astride an 800 CC adrenalin factory, Dovetail workwear is designed for women by women who don't take shit, or no for an answer. 

We know that women of action need durable clothing that moves. Whether it’s canvas, ripstop , or one of our other long-lasting materials, our fabrics are tough enough to stop tears and snags in their tracks. Our reinforced knees won't blow out no matter how low you squat or crawl. Plus, our EZWaist™ technology means you won't have to constantly adjust your pants when you're on the move – because who's got time for that?

With founders and wear testers who take on the outdoors day in and day out, we know a thing or two about what it takes to be functional and comfortable. We sweat the details, like drop seat overalls that keep your straps off the ground and your essentials close at hand when you’re miles from the convenience of modern plumbing, zip pockets to keep things secure, a thermal fabrics to CYI - literally - when it’s cold out. 

But our workwear isn't just about practicality. It's also about looking and feeling damn good while you're taking on the elements. Our flexible knees and stretchy fit mean you can hike longer, climb higher, go harder, and do it all in style. And with pockets -plenty, you can stash your map, compass, knife, and whatever other gear you need while doing it.

So whether you're taking on the outdoors for adventure or paying the bills, do it in comfort with Dovetail workwear. Because who says you can't look good while you're getting dirty?