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Dovetail's Fit & Fabric

Sara, Dovetail Workwear Apparel Expert/Founder

The Dovetail Size Chart

Fit Dovetail Workwear pants are built specifically for women’s bodies. A mid-rise, contoured waist; stretch fabrics for bending; a range of inseams for length; and a comfortable cut that fits multiple bodies, including youth, petite and plus sizes – all help you get the job done.

The size chart (right) is intended to give you as much guidance as possible so that you can find what works best for you in our Dovetail Workwear Maven Slim, Britt Utility, or other work pants. To learn more, see our Size Guide page.

Function Dovetail's products work as hard as you do. Tested by tradeswomen, plus our obsession with pocket depth, variety, placement and utility, allows for an infinite array of implements to be at the ready. A gusseted crotch panel means unlimited movement from punch-in to happy hour with the crew.

Durability The integrity of our fabrics are field- and abrasion-tested. Reinforced panels in high stress areas, such as knee, thigh and rear cuff, plus rivets at key stress points cover all the bases. Put the Dovetail Workwear pants through their paces. Constructed to last, we dare you to tear them.

The Dovetail Fit

What's special about the Dovetail fit? See the three photos of our Maven Slim in Power Stretch denim on women with different shapes and sizes.

The three examples below illustrate how beautifully this pant accommodates a range of sizes and body types.

Size: 0/30, Maven in Power Stretch
Size 0/30, Dovetail Maven Slim in Power Stretch Denim
Size 6/32 Maven in Power Stretch
Size 6/32, Dovetail Maven Slim in Power Stretch Denim

Size 18/32, Dovetail Maven Slim in Power Stretch Denim

The Dovetail Workwear Fabrics

Indigo Power Stretch Denim

The mill calls this fabric "goddess" – a name we found quite fitting for a fabric that redefines stretch in the workwear world. This 12 oz denim is made by Cone Mills, one of the worlds oldest and best quality denim mills. Goddess is made with Cone’s S-GeneTM technology providing unsurpassed stretch recovery without sacrificing durability and fabric performance. This 91% cotton / 6% poly / 3% spandex fabric is a traditional right hand twill (RHT) but constructed for power and has the feel of a four-way stretch. Notable for its deep indigo shade – this fabric wears in beautifully over time.

Indigo Stretch Denim

Meet the best performing denim in women’s workwear. The mill calls this fabric "kilo" – appropriately named for a fabric that carries it's weight and redefines denim strength. This 11 oz denim is made by Cone Mills, one of the worlds oldest and best quality denim mills. Kilo is made with ConeStrongTM technology. Incorporating polyester in both the warp and weft, this 85% cotton / 14% poly / 1% spandex fabric offers 2 to 3 times superior tensile, tear and abrasion strength than like-fabrics.

Black Stretch Denim

This all-season weight 10 oz black denim is made by Cone Mills, one of the worlds oldest and best quality denim mills. With a black heathered appearance and notable breathability, this fabric offers a non-indigo, lighter-weight option in our fabric line. Modern meets traditional with this right hand twill (RHT) constructed with a 91% cotton / 7% poly / 2% spandex blend.

Stretch Duck Canvas

Exclusively developed for DTW, this 97% cotton/3% spandex fabric was engineered to take the traditional 12 oz duck canvas which has come to epitomize American workwear and provide the comfort and mobility of stretch without sacrificing the ruggedness and strength of traditional canvas.


Fabric Availability Chart


Dovetail Workwear Canvas Crushes the Competition

Outperforms by 30-40%

  • Developed for perfect balance

  • Stretch, but not too stretchy

  • Feels worn in, but not worn out

  • Heft, but not too heavy.

  • Medium weight, rugged but moveable and breathable




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