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By women, for women, and with women, Dovetail Workwear is the largest exclusively women’s workwear brand in the northern hemisphere. Based in Portland, Oregon Dovetail Workwear makes all-season, all-reason utility apparel that stands up to the job. We are known for our exceptional canvas and denim pants and overalls featuring our pioneering pocket systems, and offer a range of collections including thermal offerings for winter, lightweight ripstop for summer, and mid-weight canvas that works year-round.


  • Women between 25-45 years old.
  • Uses tools and gets dirty
  • Physically and mentally strong
  • Lifestyle > location
  • Outdoorsy
  • Middle class

About our Affiliate Program:

Our commission rate is 10% for all purchases made within a 30-day conversion window, as this is the amount of time we use to track conversions for our other marketing channels. We are flexible to publications and what best suits the articles' needs, depending on quality and relevance of the publication. We are expanding this program and will update affiliates on new offerings.

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