About Us

Founded in 2018, Dovetail Workwear makes top-to-toe, all-season, all-reason utility workwear for women.

Founded in 2018 and based in the Pacific Northwest, Dovetail Workwear is the largest exclusively women’s workwear brand in the northern hemisphere made by women, for women, and with women. From the skilled tradeswomen to the backyard gardener, Dovetail Workwear makes all-season, all-reason utility apparel that performs and protects without compromising form and function. Utilizing eco-conscious fabrics, ethical sourcing and manufacturing, and available in inclusive sizing, Dovetail Workwear is online and in over 500 retail locations across North America.

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Our Story

Founded in 2018, Dovetail Workwear is by women, for women, and with women. The company started when two landscapers, Kate Day and Kyle Marie Summers – who loved digging in the dirt but despised their ill-fitting workwear options – began collaborating with apparel developer, Sara DeLuca. The connection was serendipitous, as DeLuca also dreamt of a women’s workwear revolution, so the three got to work designing functional, stylish, durable gear for physical work, ranging across farming, trades, DIY, arts, and beyond.

Today, the brand is run by co-founders Day and DeLuca. Dovetail Workwear’s mission is to empower women to thrive in their work by making the best workwear, period. By arming them with the right tools, women gain confidence, pride and power.