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Nora El-Khouri Spencer, 

Hope Renovations Founder & CEO

With child doesn’t mean without work.

Being pregnant, then a parent, is hard enough. Don’t let ill-fitting, inadequate maternity clothes make it harder.

  • Elastic panels
  • Fit for women
  • Deep, real pockets


Over 4 years, wear testers (like Bonnie, Nora and Lih, shown here) gave their honest feedback about how the pants performed through pregnancy. Thanks to them and our other awesome pregnant people, we created 2 stretchy, super-durable styles that fit great and work well for nine months and beyond. Wear ‘em as you grow your brood, then pass ‘em on to a preggo pal once you’re done.

From Belly to Beyond

Stretchy styles to fit your changing postpartum body.

Easy Access

Tops and overalls for those who choose to breastfeed.