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Those who grow, know: 

a day in the garden is good for the soul. You know what else is good? Workwear that actually fits and performs, so you can focus on your planty paradise, not your clothes. Our womens gardening pants are built to keep you digging, planting, mulching, and weeding in complete comfort.

Our brand was started by women landscapers who were tired of ill-fitting workwear and took it upon themselves to create clothes that could work hard, look good, and actually fit a woman’s body. So we know firsthand what you need to keep your garden growing: womens gardening pants that move when you move, breathe when it’s hot, insulate when it’s cold, and stand up to dirt, gravel, sweat, and all the other rough stuff you can dish out. 

Yeah, we know we talk about fit a lot. That’s because it not only makes our clothes feel better; clothes that fit well can also keep you safer when you’re working with mowers, chainsaws, and other heavy equipment. Nobody needs to get caught up with gardening that way.

But we don’t stop with fit. Our team of women wear testers don’t hold back, and we use their feedback to create innovative features you might not have even known you wanted. Case in point – our overalls have a pocket with a built in TwineHole to easily dispense twine as you tie up your tomato plants. Leave it to a team of plant lovers to come up with that. Other garden-friendly features like integrated knee pad slots, extra reinforcement in critical areas, durable fabrics (our canvas is 40% more durable than our competition!), crotch gussets, and purposeful pockets aplenty will have you wondering how you ever gardened without us. 

So whether you’re tending a few acres, a backyard plot, or a community garden, Dovetail has the womens gardening pants to keep you growing.