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How To Clean Your Outdoor Workwear

Dovetail pants turned inside out and hung to dry.

You got 'em dirty. Here’s how to get 'em clean.

We get it's tempting to wash that dirty laundry in hot water and tumble dry the hell out of it. But like any high-quality tool, this one will last longer with TLC. Here’s how to care for your Dovetail Workwear.

1. Flip your clothing inside out.

Sweaty work means the inside of your workwear is gonna need more detergent than the outside. The inside of clothes are also more equipped to handle the wash.

For overalls, fasten all hardware. We recommend buttoning the strap clasps to the top hip buttons and underneath the hip buttonholes, so the metal fasteners don’t bang around in your machines and break (or keep you up all night). 

2. Wash cool

When we're asked how to get your outdoor workwear clean, we always say that high temps in the washing machine can cause fabrics to warp. Washing in cold water can help slow fading of colors and shrinking in fabrics. If you need to get out some super-stains, do a warm–cool cycle. Due to the nature of indigo dye, dark blue denims may bleed. Wash separately, or with similar colors, in cold water.

3. Hang dry

Heat is hard on apparel. Tumble-drying clothes can lead to premature fabric degradation, shrinkage, broken hardware, and warped elastic. When you wash your Dovetail Workwear products, please avoid using the dryer if at all possible. If you must tumble-dry due to time constraints, remove when damp and line-dry the rest of the way.

4. Get Dirty.


We hoped this helped you learn how to get your outdoor workwear clean. Please ping us if you have any questions, we're always happy to help!