Françoise Weeks

Françoise Weeks—botanical couturier

"I didn’t know I was creative until my 40’s. Take time to explore what makes your heart sing."

One of a kind. This describes the magnificent creations of Françoise Weeks and the woman herself. Originally from Belgium, Françoise is a Portland-based floral artist who makes clothing, jewelry, and woodland dreamscapes out of plants. Shoes made of ladyslippers and hellebores. Rings of raspberries, ranunculus, and passion vine. Headdresses of seed pods, succulents, and evergreens. Necklaces as delicate and intricate as they are surprising and bold. Her botanical creations are high fashion and earthy, nature rearranged into a unique form of art.

Françoise infuses her work with a quintessential European reverence for flowers and nature. Combined with creativity and mechanical ingenuity, she has crystallized her singular style of Textural Woodlands and Botanical Haute Couture pieces, garnering her a fierce international following. She gives workshops from her home and online. Her book, The Herbal Recipe Keeper, was recently published by Timber Press. Treat yourself to botanical eye candy @francoiseweeks. 

Françoise gardens in the Givens Workshirt and the Maven Slim in Power Stretch.