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Chantal Aida Gordon

Chantal Aida Gordon—gardener & writer

"Gardening teaches you to both live in the moment and be uncharacteristically patient. Nothing takes you out of a fog like a hot pink bud that wasn't there the last time you walked by.”

Monstera maven. Window box whisperer. Patio pixie. Chantal Aida Gordon wears many (sun)hats from her Los Angeles perch. It all began with a rental home's ho-hum yard, which Chantal transformed into something special, alongside Ryan Benoit. Documenting their slice of paradise at The Horticult, Chantal and Ryan have garnered many new fans of fantail palms and suckers for succulent tables.

The Horticult is a well known resource for all things green thumb. It has been featured in the New York Times and was named Best Blog by Better Homes And Gardens. With an MFA in Creative Writing, Chantal has also lovingly tended to the words of the Horticult's first book, How To Window Box.

Most recently, The Horticult has sent a tendril into the design world, with the fresh, ingenious Bloom Bungalow Window Box + Trellis, a collab with Terra Trellis. Follow Chantal @thehorticult.

Chantal rocks the Freshley Overall in Grey Stretch Canvas.

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