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Sustainability FAQ

How do you select your manufacturers?

We use the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles as our compass. We chose this set of standards based on the UN's wraparound definition of sustainability, where human rights and the environment are given equal weight. Our manufacturing partners meet the criteria outlined in the Ten Principles.

Where is Dovetail Workwear made?

We work with manufacturers and textile mills in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Most of our apparel is sewn in India, China, and Mexico. We embrace our global partnerships and feel lucky to work with suppliers whose ethics dovetail with our own. 

Why aren't your clothes made in America?

Manufacturing is complex. Sourcing globally dovetails with our budget (yours and ours), and point of view. The majority of our workwear is made outside the US by people whose fabrication skills, textile traditions, manufacturing infrastructure, and care of their workers beats what we can access on home soil. We believe it is right to engage their workforce and honor their expertise. 

Why are your clothes so expensive?

We don’t skimp on quality fabrics and we don’t believe in shortchanging people who work hard. We only work with those who treat their workers well. 

What does the True Blue Partners tab mean on the product pages?

While all of our manufacturing partners are ethical, some are exceptional, truly being the change we want to see in the garment world. When a partner goes above and beyond in how they treat their people and the planet, we give them props via a True Blue Partners tab on the product page. Click on it to see what makes them extra special.

Which eco-friendly processes and materials do you use?

We favor manufacturers who lead in the realm of clean chemistry, robust alternative energy programs, and recycled fiber technologies. Using waterless dye, we’ve made black pants that will never fade. Our thermal pants keep women warm in Antarctica, while also keeping plastic bottles from landfill. Lots of our products are made with BCI cotton. Synthetics that are kind to nature are also in the mix for Spring 23. Green also needn’t be fancy. Great care instructions and minimal packaging help too.

Do you treat clothing with nasty chemicals before you package it?

Hell no.

Do you use nickel in your hardware?


What else can you tell me to make me feel good about buying from you?

We are a young company and sustainability is a journey for us. We’re not here to say how great we are. We can only tell you who we are. You decide if that's good enough. 


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