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Kelsey Ducheneaux

Kelsey Ducheneaux—Lakota rancher & mentor

"In many native societies, familial structure follows a matriarchal organization. Following suit, my family raised me to work alongside the men in any job."

From -30 degree winters to blistering summers, South Dakota ranch life can be tough. But Kelsey Ducheneaux was born for it. She's a fourth generation beef cattle rancher, working her family's land on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Before she could walk, Kelsey was on horseback. You can still find her there. The Ducheneaux family ranch (The DX Ranch) produces sustainably raised beef with the mission of improving the health of the land, the economy—and above all—the people. The ranch also houses Project H3LP!, a nonprofit that supports youth, enhancing life skills through thoughtful horsemanship practices.

Kelsey is also the Natural Resources Director for the Intertribal Agriculture Council, where she shares her passion for tribal food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture across the generations of Indian Country. Feeling lucky to be raised where she is, Kelsey is motivated to help others see that the wide-open spaces they call home are not “the middle of nowhere" but rather, vast natural resources to take pride in. In her spare time, Kelsey carries on the traditional art of beadwork. Her stunning creations can be found on her Lakota-owned business's Instagram @DXdesigns. Follow the Ducheneaux family ranch @thedxranch.

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