Kate Day

Kate Day—Dovetail Co-founder & Brand Strategy Maven

"Dovetail Workwear has rolled all my passions and experiences up into something bigger than myself.  It's an honor to help empower women in this way."

Understated but powerful. Earthy but refined. Relaxed, but always on point. A classic beauty but don't get her wrong: she's all in for a long, hard day's work. Yes, we're talking about The Day Construct. We're also talking about Kate Day, the woman who inspired it. Our co-founder and Brand Strategy Maven, Kate is wide-ranging in her responsibilities and geographically too. She's always on the move, criss-crossing the country to meet with retailers, speak at conferences, and develop the brand's strategic partnerships. When we do pin her down, it's literal: Kate is Dovetail’s fit model, and can be found pinned into our apparel prototypes, or holding a pose for product photography. Although far from her native Maine, all of Kate's roads led to a Dovetail destiny, beginning with a childhood spent in nature.

Outdoor school at Maine’s Chewonki Foundation changed everything for Kate. She'd always gravitated to the outdoors and working with her hands. Chewonki's example of environmental stewardship sowed a seed, and she returned in high school and after. Camp counselor, farmer, arborist, construction worker, eco-research assistant: Kate spent her young adulthood on the land. Her interest in healthy communities and ecosystems led her to become a city planner, navigating the intersection of the built landscape and nature. Kate worked on urban and landscape restoration projects across the United States and Europe. When her husband was posted to a job in Indonesia, Kate joined the international non-profit Mercy Corps, assisting in local urban resilience programs. She returned to Portland to focus on motherhood and a landscape gardening business. The only problem was finding decent work pants...

Kate is in her element in her namesake pants, The Day Construct.

Dovetail Workwear Disclaimer: We are not the boss of our Women At Work! They say it their way and wear it their way.