Indy Srinath

Indy Srinath—mycolophile & wildwoman

"Wander aimlessly, wander in good company, forget what you’re looking for..."


Mushroom knife and brush. Mushroom spawn inoculator. Fountain pen. Measuring tape. Dog treats. Ginger candy. This is what Indy Srinath keeps in her pockets.

Teacher. Student. Poet. Forager. Cultivator. This is what she does with her days.

A multi-faceted wildwoman, Indy lives on—and off—the land, in Swannanoa, NC, and inspires many with her wildcrafty ways. Hand-harvested fruit rollups meet forest fashion on her Instagram. Luscious pics combine with deep thoughts on what it means to be wild and native. A passion for mycology runs through her feed, sending spores from her corner of the forest out into the world. Go mushrooming with Indy @indy_officinalis.

Indy inoculates logs wearing the Freshley Overall in Grey Canvas.


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