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Meet our Model Mo!

Our overall model Mo doesn't just rock Dovetail Workwear. She's also an artist, sculptor, wood worker, philosopher, and literal/figurative superstar. 

Mo creates beautiful art inspired by loss and mourning. In her studio, she sketches and casts sculptures out of metal, clay, resin and wax. Recently, Mo has been adding symbols of chairs to her work, a common symbol of a person who once was. She came to ADXPortland to learn the craft of woodworking, where we took these photos of her honing her newfound skills. 

Though she now lives in Portland, her childhood and adolescence in Columbia inspires her focus on the important people who are no longer in our lives. 

“Due to the political situation, there was a lot of talk of the missing, people who were… It’s taken a long time for people to realize that a lot of the violence happened in the early 1990s, so it took 15 years for the art scene to really become vibrant again. A lot of the cities like Buenos Aires, Bogota or Mexico City are emerging with strong art and becoming more of the international scene. Mexico City and Bogota will especially become major art cities as people realize that they’re not just violent places.”

In addition to making so many amazing works with her hands, Mo is also currently writing her thesis in critical theory now. Seriously, this woman does it ALL… and it’s certainly helpful to have workwear that keeps up.

“Having clothes that fit your body and accommodate your lifestyle is a key part of comfort, which is essential to thinking, working and being focused--to not have to second guess what you’re wearing. Also, to be able to wear something to work and know it’s okay to wear out in public, instead of just looking grungy. I could wear the Maven pant or overall to a bar!”