Kyle Begley—Dovetail Co-founder & Marketing Maven

"I never fit into the boxes, but I always had a vision of doing something big."

Slim but powerful. Scrappy and resilient. Flexible and gutsy. Totally at home in the garden/conference room/dive bar. Are we talking about the Maven Slim or the woman who dreamed it into existence? For us it's one and the same because Kyle Marie Begley is a maven on a mission: to bring you the best damned workwear on the planet.

She was always a non-conformist. A Chicago childhood gave her big ideas but she was ready to bust a move after high school. College couldn't contain her, so she ditched it after a few tries, and drove a van out to California. Kyle's young adulthood brought challenges which she tackled with midwestern grit, hardcore humor, and badass playlists. She cut her teeth in retail at Borders, honed her management skills at J.Jill, and all along, her entrepreneurial streak ran hot. Some businesses worked (candles + Phish concerts), some didn't (Preggy Sue's, a maternity resale boutique that should totally exist), but the ideas never died. As a young mom, Kyle learned how to multitask, get creative on a tight budget, and invest in what matters most. She also wanted greener pastures for her family, and the Pacific Northwest called to her. Driving over the Burnside Bridge, Kyle had a vision of making her mark in Portland and a fortuitous meeting with partners Kate and Sara would make it real. Dovetail Workwear was born out of a landscape gardening business and the deeply feminist ethos that is Kyle's manifesta. She currently divides her time between Dovetail and motherhood, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Kyle wears the pant she wished she'd had as a landscaper: The Maven Slim in Power Stretch Denim.

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