Happy Hour with Dovetail’s Customer Service Crew

L to R: Olivia, Andrea and Lisa

TGIF! Tonight, we’re drinking dirty martinis with our Customer Service dream team.

You may have met them via email or phone call—now you can get to know some of our crew.

How did you come to join Dovetail Workwear?

Andrea: I was friends with Sara, Kate, and Kyle (the founders) long before they ever started Dovetail Workwear. Once they started making pants, I became an early wear tester. I remember going to Kate's garage and trying on the original Maven Slim with a handful of other wear testers—back when there was only one style and one fabric!—and thinking that they were quite possibly the greatest jeans ever made. Those pockets!! Eventually, they got so busy selling pants that they asked me to come help, and here we are.

Andrea models one of our first pairs of pants.

Lisa: I knew Andrea through our kids’ school. We volunteered together at the PTA pop-up coffee shop, and she knew I’d been thinking about going back to work. When Dovetail grew big enough to need a second CS person on the crew, she gave me a call and I said yes.

Olivia: After following the company for a few years, I saw a post on Facebook looking for part-time customer care. I instantly liked Andrea who heads up the CS team, and when I met Lisa, I was excited to work with the team! The company fits my ethics, and the current chapter in my life.

What are some interesting things that come across our digital help desk?

O: The best part of CS is hearing from women in all kinds of professions that never occurred to me as a little girl growing up in the ‘80s.

L: Agreed! I appreciate it when customers give me a glimpse of all the cool stuff they do, from stained glass restoration, to subsea and harsh environment robotics, to hauling freight across the country.

A: We talk to so many amazing and inspiring women through this job! As I'm talking to customers, they often tell me what kind of work they do. If it’s a local business, I try to use their services. So far, I've had a local carpenter come fix my kitchen, an arborist trim my walnut tree, and I'm going to hire a team of junk haulers when it's time to do that big garage clean-out that I've been putting off. I didn't specify, because I assume you all understand that I'm talking about women-run businesses here.

How do YOU get dirty?

O: I’m a distance backpacker walking 20+ miles per day for fun. I’ve completed several long trails and I assure you that I get dirty while hiking and backpacking.

We were a family of 2 in 2015 when we made the choice to hike the Pacific Crest Trail… My son made the final call that we would go ahead and give up our apartment, put what was left in storage, and live on the trail for six months. It was a transformative experience.

When you don't know what is impossible you just do the thing. I’ve always written my own book. It's not been easy, but never boring.

A: Despite where I work, I do NOT get dirty in the garden. This photo represents how I truly feel about it.

But I do love cooking, which can be dirty. I wear the Obana Work Apron (yes, it's named after me!) when I'm making a mess in the kitchen. I used to teach Japanese cooking before I got completely sidetracked by Dovetail. Wish I’d had that Obana Apron then!

L: I second both of those! I love to hike, and I’m a good cook—but really messy.

We're raiding your closet! What will we find is your most-worn Dovetail Workwear?

A: I have so many of our pants, and most of them aren't even available for the general public, because I have weird pants—samples, prototypes, colorways we never went with, styles we never ended up making...and I wear them all. Today, I have on the Apelian Fleece, Givens Work Shirts in black plaid, and the OG Maven Slim in Power Stretch Denim.

O: I’m a big fan of the Freshley Overalls. They are a loose comfy fit and I can squat and move without worrying about a waistband wiggling down my hips.

L: I live in my Effie Moto pants. I had a customer who described them as “work, town, and Thanksgiving pants” and I agree. I don’t ride motorcycles, I just really love these pants.

Anything else we should know?

L: I’m a cat person, but it makes me happy when people send photos of their pups in the Dovetail Shop Dog Jacket.

A: I'm honored to work with, and communicate daily with, all these hardworking and fascinating women. We really do have the best customers! We should come up with a code word for those of you who've read this article—you say the magic word, we wave a magic wand and make the global supply chain clear up, or something. I WISH. OK, never mind…How about, just say "hi" to us when you write in or call us!

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