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A Nightcap on 2022, with Co-Founders Kate + Sara

Kate and Sara, founders

Happy New Year! What are we sipping on this eve?

Kate Day, co-founder, sales ops: Mix 2 parts seltzer, 1 part yuzu drinking vinegar, dash of grenadine. I call it the “Fancy Pants”

Sara Deluca, co-founder, product development: A glass of Pinot Noir. I'm an Oregon girl through and through.

What big accomplishments are we celebrating tonight?

KD: Dovetail’s 2022 investments in quality people and quality growth, like bringing on our new Sales Director Katie Copeland, and moving some staff into roles where they are totally kicking ass.... And of course, Sara winning the Rivet 50 2022 Award!

SD: You're so sweet – thank you. The RIVET denim industry award was pretty pivotal in terms of our standing in the industry. I'm so honored that it was given to me, but it's fundamentally about the brand and our voice in this world of noise and a million voices. It's a team effort and we are only as good as the team that builds this product and brand.

I'd like to celebrate our wear-testers and groundbreaking women that collaborate with us on product development. We love all your feedback, insights, in-the-moment videos, sketches on napkins– we call them "dove letters," share them with our whole team, and save them in a special box.


Also, a huge shout out to our fabric and factory suppliers. Through thick and thin, they make the magic happen. They work with us non-stop to solve problems, improve quality, and innovate more sustainable manufacturing methods. Our care labels say "made by our friends in.... " because our suppliers are an integral part of our business– we truly count them as friends.


Tell us about some meaningful moments from the year.

SD: On the product side, it was all the moments we were meeting with women at conferences, fitting women in our office, and meeting with focus groups. Women finally finding workwear that works for them and with them. Women who have certain PPE requirements and could not previously find work pants that fit. Women who have wished forever for more and better options. Women who felt they finally didn't have to compromise between comfort and performance in their workwear. Women who finally felt seen and prioritized by a workwear company.


KD: And in doing that, we hit the major milestone of putting 1 million pockets on our consumers. Whether carrying a compass, a clamp, or a ball of clay, women need pockets for every need and notion and Dovetail’s got them covered! To Sara's point, there are special moments in our work that remind us how revolutionary it is to provide women with clothing that makes them feel capable and comfortable–but hitting 1,000,000 real pockets really drives it home.


What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

KD: Getting into new markets, new stores, new regions. Exciting surprises in DoveLab™. Exciting collabs coming. More work with more real women.

SD: Dropseat overalls!

Dovetail Workwear Disclaimer: We are not the boss of our Women At Work! They say it their way and wear it their way.