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The Best Women’s Winter Workwear of 2024

Outside Magazine - 2024 Winter Gear Guide

"Dovetail’s Freshley overalls are a modern workwear staple. The thermal denim is substantial but still thin and stretchy with a tough exterior and a fuzzy lining. They’re also quite a bit warmer and more flexible than your average canvas workwear. Everything from the crotch gusset and articulated knees to the stretchy shoulder straps are thoughtfully designed to fit a range of women’s bodies. And yet, with this slightly comical update, they’ve outdone themselves once again. Because what’s the biggest problem with wearing overalls in cold weather? Duh: it’s annoying to take them off to pee, especially when wearing a hoodie or coat. Enter Dovetail’s dropseat: a hidden zipper across the butt that allows you to uncover your bottom half without undressing your top."

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