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CiCLO® technology is a textile solution that mitigates synthetic microfiber pollution in the environment, taking hard-working Dovetail apparel a big step closer to becoming fully ‘dirt to dirt.’

PORTLAND, OREGON (February 7, 2023) - Built by, for, and with women, Dovetail Workwear is proud to announce a partnership with CiCLO® technology to reduce the environmental impact of fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution caused by textiles, the most prevalent form of microplastic found throughout the globe. Debuting in the new Shop Pant for Spring 2023, Dovetail’s Shop Pant integrates CiCLO® nylon fibers woven into cotton to create a durable and long-lasting garment with materials that will reabsorb back into the environment post-consumer use.

“Providing a true dirt-to-dirt experience, the inaugural run of our durable Shop Pant is a testament to our efforts to push the boundaries for women’s workwear– from the first step of product development to the final days after the life cycle of the garment,” says Sara DeLuca, Dovetail Co-founder and Director of Product Development. “The CiCLO® fibers and cotton construction break down like natural materials do in environments where microfibers are prolific pollutants -  including sea, water, and soil - and minimize accumulation in landfills.”

The Shop Pant offers a stylish, higher waist design with ten pockets and panel-free leg face for women who prefer a pant without reinforced front panels. The durability and added strength of CiCLO-infused nylon in the warp yarns eliminates the need for panels and rivets, allowing mechanics and makers alike to not scratch or ding their handiwork. CiCLO® technology is non-toxic to marine life, fully traceable, and ECO Passport Certified by OEKO-TEX®.

“We are leading innovative efforts to reduce the environmental impact of synthetic microfiber pollution in landfill, sea water, wastewater treatment plants, and soil,” says Andrea Ferris, Co-Founder and co-inventor of CiCLO® technology. “When synthetic textiles unavoidably leak into the environment during manufacture, use, and care; CiCLO® fibers, unlike other non-CiCLO® synthetics, behave more like natural fibers, such as wool. As a result, we leave less waste behind on our journey to create the best products and a more healthy, happy planet.”

The Shop Pant ($109) will be offered in Vintage Stripe and Olive Green, with two inseam length options and sizes ranging from 000-18. The Shop Pant will be available for purchase at and select retailers beginning February 15, 2023.

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By women, for women, and with women, Dovetail Workwear is both a young company and the largest exclusively women’s workwear brand in the northern hemisphere. Based in Portland, Oregon, Dovetail Workwear makes all-season, all-reason utility apparel that stands up to the job. Use our store locator to search for us in 300 stores, across 47 states. Get dirty with Dovetail at 

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About CiCLO

CiCLO® technology is a nature-based solution to reducing the unavoidable plastic microfiber pollution caused by synthetic textiles. Whereas traditional polyester microfibers persist indefinitely in the environment, CiCLO® polyester microfibers can be reclaimed by nature. Learn more at

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