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Kiley Clark

Kiley Clark—outdoor activist & photographer

"The things that drive me the most are farming and food justice,  regenerative agriculture, farm and food industry worker rights, as well as supporting others interested in these things. All of this intersects in my photography."

Kiley Clark is always growing something: Her food. Your food. Her photography portfolio. Her connection to nature. Her community, as a farmer and outdoor activist... Rooted in California, Kiley has nevertheless made big moves: from south central LA, where she was born and raised, to rural Sonoma County. Her mission is multifaceted, but it all comes back to the land and its potential for abundance. She is passionate about inclusivity in farming and providing minority communities with access to the best of California: from fruits and vegetables to experiences in nature.

Kiley’s education proved fertile ground for her adventures in farming. She has a BA from San Francisco State University in Physical Geography and Urban Environment, Transportation, and Land Use. She’s also a graduate of the Sustainable Agriculture program at Santa Rosa Junior College, where she received a Future Organic Farmers Grant from California Certified Organic Farmers. When she’s not getting her hands dirty or soaking up knowledge online as an avid agri-nerd, Kiley can be found behind a camera. She documents others’ journeys in agriculture as well as the magnificent wilderness landscapes she hikes with her wife, Kendall. Follow Kiley’s journeys in farming @freshtofarming.

Kiley lives, works, and dreams of having her own farm in the Maven Slim in Black Stretch Denim.