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Kelly Ireland

Kelly Ireland—plumber

"I like to post what I do on social media. I get a lot of hate from people for it, but men have had centuries in the spotlight. I want to show women what can be done, make them aware there are other options. I think visual stimulation can go a long way..."

Kelly Ireland is always getting herself into tight places. @tinyplumbergirl may be petite but she is mighty, bending and flexing and busting through to the other side, like the pipes she fits for a living.

Drawn to plumbing for its stability and benefits, Kelly has stayed for the stimulation of a trade in which "the learning never ends." Working everywhere from high rises to hospital job sites, Kelly is always up for the many challenges that come with the job. Maybe the biggest one of all is proving to men that women can do what they do: "A field that can be difficult for men—who have dominated the trade since the start of plumbing—certainly is not going to be a walk in the park for a woman." But she has earned the respect of her colleagues through meticulously executed hard work, being honest about fears and mistakes, and taking no shit from anyone. When she's not on the job, Kelly enjoys volunteering at her kids' school, and connecting with other tradeswomen. Follow her @tinyplumbergirl.

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