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Jessie Uyeda

Jessie Uyeda has strong beliefs:

  • DIY is comedy.
  • You don't have to know what you're doing to make a How-To video. (In fact, it's funnier if you don't.)
  • Shoes are individuals and don't have to match.
  • If you cover yourself with breadcrumbs and sit still long enough, you will make a new friend.

Jessie's life is the comedy series the world has been waiting for. A former librarian, she was persuaded by her brother, Ben, to join his highly successful DIY design-build video channel, HomeMade Modern. She now lives with a bunch of dude roommates in the California desert, in a large rental house while they build a tiny house for the channel. When she isn't building for Homemade Modern, Jess chills with her on-site squirrel friend, Gary, makes her own hilarious DIY videos for her channel, and displays her patented #lesserknownyoga moves on the job in her black Mavens. As if that's not rad enough, Jessie, her Mavens, and Gary the Squirrel have been immortalized in a video game style build series, Maker Adventure, on the Skull&Spade13 YouTube channel. Hang with her @ijessup.

Jessie's dirt uniform is the Maven Slim in Black Stretch Denim.

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