Cheyenne Sukalski

Cheyenne Sukalski—silversmith & climber

"Be your own damn dream girl!"

The view from the summit of Cathedral Peak in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite. This is Cheyenne Sukalski's all-time favorite place. It's also the reason she became a silversmith. Cheyenne began making jewelry when she wanted a ring depicting this landscape. Unable to find it, she made it. And found that soldering wasn't all that different from her other passion: rock climbing. Intense focus. Using both hands to do intricate movements. Finding that flow state. Combining big decisions with small, subtle moves. Cheyenne puts all those moves to work in her job, training people in Rope Access—the art and profession of climbing tall structures for work (think scaffolding and wind turbines). When she isn't up in the air or on a rock face, Cheyenne makes exquisite silver jewelry for her online shop, Wild Expanse.

Living in Yosemite means Cheyenne never has to go far to find her wild expanse of backcountry. Her proximity to natural beauty is something she never takes for granted. To that end, she prizes Leave No Trace ethics above all. A member of 1% For The Planet, Cheyenne is a firm believer in doing one's part to pay it forward, and protect our pristine landscapes so they can inspire the next generation of climbers, dreamers, artists or all three...Follow Cheyenne and her work @wildexpanse.


Cheyenne does her silversmithing—and her coffee drinking—in the Maven Slim in Grey Stretch Canvas.

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