Women at Work: Team Taskrabbit

Stacy, tell us about Taskrabbit.

Stacy Brown-Philpot: Taskrabbit is an online service that makes everyday life easier for everyday people. Our two-sided marketplace connects people with trusted, reliable individuals—who we call Taskers—from their local communities who can help get work done in and around the home. Tasking categories include furniture assembly, grocery shopping, yardwork, cleaning, help moving, and more…you name it and more than likely we’ll have a Tasker ready to be booked online or via our app, to lend a hand.TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot

You are the CEO of TaskRabbit, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, and you have an MBA from Stanford. You’re a well-known force in Silicon Valley and in business generally. Yet you still “task.” Why?

SBP: As the leader of TaskRabbit, it’s important for me to have firsthand experience using the platform. I frequently use TaskRabbit as a client, but it’s also valuable to understand everything that goes down on the Tasker side. From accepting a task via the app, to completing the job and invoicing the client, taking on local jobs on the platform has given me a holistic view of what it means to be a Tasker.

As someone who isn’t afraid to get my hands dirty, I love challenging myself to complete tasks to the best of my ability. I’ve assembled office chairs and TV stands, cleaned apartments, and delivered groceries – and I’m proud of my positive 5-star reviews! In addition to the accomplished feeling of a job well done, I love meeting some of the great clients who use the TaskRabbit platform. 

Are you a good Tasker? What are your strengths? And/or what is SO not in your skillset?

SBP: The categories that I have the most experience tasking in include Shopping and Delivery, Furniture Assembly, and Cleaning. I like to consider myself an organized person, which means I excel in tasks that require precision and attention to detail. However, I’ll be the first to admit that electrical work is not my strong suit because it requires special skills that I don’t have. Fortunately, there are tons of skilled Taskers out there who can help clients in this category.

Samantha, you’re a seasoned Tasker. Tell us what a typical tasking day looks like for you.

Samantha Berry: A typical tasking day starts with a typical routine: Alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm! Then it’s off to the races –confirming with my clients and letting them know when I’m on my way. I like to gather my tools the night before (remember that snooze time earlier, lol). Communication is key, so another text to let the client know I’ve arrived. After a quick walkthrough to assess the job, we get to work solving and fixing the problems.

Elite Tasker Samantha Berry works on bus pickle dovetail workwear woman at work

The best part of this job is the variety. Some days I’m repairing drywall and patching a subfloor. The next day I’m hanging wallpaper, installing lighting and giving paint color advice. I really couldn’t ask for a better job, I get to help people improve their lives every day and it feels amazing to be able to use my skills (and power tools!) to do that!

What are the most popular task requests you've received?

SB: When I first started tasking I was providing a wide range of services but now I focus on home interiors, with my partner. My artistic background has definitely made me one of the standout painter/wallpaper installers in Los Angeles. My calendar is pretty booked up with painting and home makeovers. Faux finishes and wallpaper murals are definitely some of the most popular things I do right now. 

What are the weirdest/most memorable tasks you've performed?

SB: One fun/strange one was the time I had to drive around Los Angeles to find Cinnamon flavored food to put inside an extra large pink elephant piñata which I had to decorate with custom glitter letters with her name, Cinnamon. I filled her with literally anything cinnamon I could find and then stuck her in a Lyft to deliver her to the party. 

SBP: And someone hired a Tasker to impersonate her at a birthday party she couldn't attend.

Samantha, tell us about Pickle! 

SB: Pickle has been a labor of love, emphasis on “labor”. Pickle is a 16 passenger shuttle bus my partner and I have stripped down to literally nothing and re-welded, re-floored, re-insulated, re-walled, re-wired, re-windowed and repainted, with the goal of making it our tiny home. When Pickle is finally done, we’ll Task in LA for a few months then head north with mini-vacations at National Parks…YES PLEASE!

To find out more about how to become or hire a Tasker, visit Taskrabbit.com. Hire Samantha here!

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