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Sharon Glassman, Designer/Songwriter, Founder

What made you start doing the amazing things that you do?

I was playing my songs at a little winery in the mountains. After the show, a new fan came up and said, “If only there was a way we could take you home, and put you on the wall so we could hear your songs and see the happiness you create every day.” That happy request inspired me to combine my skills as a copywriter, illustrator, creative services pro and singer/songwriter to create Smile Songs, which offers cards and gifts that sing.

What are the top five things that are always in your pockets?

  • Instrument tuner on the hammer loop
  • Lip balm (it's Colorado!)
  • Cough drops (especially in allergy season)
  • Pens
  • Hands

What does workwear designed for women mean to you?

It's all about acceptance and support. The first time I put on a pair of Dovetail overalls, I was like, "They get me!" Everything from inseams for my 4'10" self to the streamlined, yet forgiving cuts. Fabrics that let you spill coffee, stomp in mud in 'em and clean' em up in a sec if needed. But also: the copy on the hangtag. The logo. The team behind your Insta. Every time I see a pic of another woman in Dovetail, I'm so excited to read about her and see her rockin' her life and style.

What scares you?

Left turns.

Tell us something dirty.

I do a lot of maker markets where the products and human interactions are so positively beautiful! And the haul your stuff, set-it-up, break-it-down sweat is super real.

Tell us something surprising about you.

I'm a gregarious introvert. So, performing for me comes naturally. But small talk at a party? Soooo daunting.

Do you have any special projects or cool things you want people to check out?

I've created a singing sticker and pin for overalls lovers.

See ‘em (and Sharon’s other amazing work) at

Dovetail Workwear Disclaimer: We are not the boss of our Women At Work! They say it their way and wear it their way.