ReTooled Fit: Taking New Measures

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Alejandra wears size 20/32

Dovetail Workwear’s ReTooled Fit Project is taking new measures. Thanks to customer feedback, we are fine-tuning our fit for sizes 16 and above. After meticulous reframing and wear testing, we're excited to launch this innovative fit in our new, Old School High Rise pants.

Over the past several years, the Dovetail product team has received feedback from our customers that many have to size up in our product, especially in sizes 16 and above. Many women who technically fit size 24 weren’t able to fit that size in our apparel. We knew we had work to do, and that process of reframing, wear testing and refining resulted in our ReTooled Fit Project.

Size inclusivity is a process that requires fine tuning. Using a digital pattern program, we scanned 10 avatars of varying body shapes between sizes 16-24, and reviewed:

  1. How the garments fit the digital models. This might include a higher rise to ensure back coverage, which we implemented in our new Old School High Rise pant.
  1. How the back pockets are sized and positioned.
  1. If the difference between sizes was enough, or if we needed more range in our grading to ensure that we are in line with the sizing of our fellow apparel brands, many of whom are also working hard towards an inclusive fit.

After working with digital versions of the avatars, we cut physical samples to validate our revisions and launched thorough wear testing and validation of the new grade on a larger sample group. The result is a new and improved version of Dovetail Workwear fit for sizes 16 and above in our new style, Old School High Rise. We will roll out Retooled Fit in our other styles very soon.

Sara DeLuca
"My co-founder Kate Day and I often say that one of the things that makes Dovetail Workwear different is that it's personal. Retooled is personal. We believe that if you cannot outfit women who are a size 2 or a size 20, you aren't really outfitting women. We had so many amazing women reach out and say they loved the Dovetail concept, but they weren't able to fit into the product or had to size up. This project was a chance to say, how can we do it better? How can we better serve the hard-working women out there of any size or shape?
Inclusivity for us is not a buzzword. It's the premise under which our brand is based. We'll never stop making improvements, we'll never stop seeing how we can do it better." Sara DeLuca, Director of Product Development

If you are a loyal customer 16 and above, please note you should review your measurements on Retooled Fit products – you may need to order a size or two smaller! If you are unsure of your size in the ReTooled Fit, please use this fitting chart. Thank you for being part of the crew as we pilot this new pattern project!


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