We're Built for This.

An interview with Built for This Filmmaker Eva Moss

Take a look behind the scenes... 

First shot of the day Dovetail Workwear built for this

Getting the first shot! 

Mercy Shammah on set of Built for This video

Dovetail wear-tester, model, outdoorist and tradeswoman Mercy Shammah 


The non-stop challenge of getting pants on a mannequin.


The biggest thanks to the Built for This crew

Director/Producer: Eva Moss
Writer/DP: Emilia Quinton
Producer: Rachel Mossey
Starring: Mercy Shammah (Carpenter), Cecilia Flor (DP), Theora Moench (Mechanic)
AD/Co-Producer: Chloe Huckins
Gaffer: Liz Haan
Production Designer: Camille Carpenter
Caterer: Clinton Evans
AC: Cecilia Flor
Grip: Asia Brown
Set Decorator: Diane Grundy
Production Sound: Callie Day
HMU: Heather Ashford
PA: Lexi Morsch


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