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Dovetail Student & Teacher Discount Program

Love Dovetail? Well thanks!

We know it can be tough out there - but you were made for this stuff!
We are here to support you. And we love to see you doing your thing - feel free to tag us @dovetailworkwear

Who Can Apply?

Students actively acquiring academic or work credits in an approved program in 1 of 3 core areas:

  • Vocational trades, natural resources, or applied arts
  • Trades Apprentices
  • Trades Instructors

What Do You Get?

  • 20% off retail pricing
  • Limited to twice a year
  • Limit to $200 per transaction


  • Products are for personal use only to outfit and support you in your activities; do not buy products for others
  • Any resale of products is strictly prohibited
  • No returns on discounted items are allowed; exchanges are allowed if deemed appropriate

Required Proof: 

A form of proof is required to qualify for the program (upload any credentials or documents to the link below). Please include:

  • Name and address of school, organization or institution OR
  • Student ID #
  • Instructors name and email address if applicable
  • Your vocation, trade or field of study 

Please give us 7 days to review your request.



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