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Shipping and Returns

Do you ship internationally?

If you are in Canada, we now have partnered with a Canadian distributor! Please see our Shipping page for details.

For all other countries, yes, we are happy to ship internationally. The carrier may vary depending on destination. Shipping rates are a pass-through cost to the purchaser. Rates and times are location specific, depending address and weight.

Please be warned: There have been reports of very high border taxes being applied on international orders. Any such fees, including customs, tariffs, border fees, and other charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Dovetail Workwear cannot control these fees. For more information, please see our Shipping page.

What's going on with my order delivery?

If your order hasn't shown up yet, please first check with the carrier, but let us know. We can help look into it for you. We don't have control over the carrier so we can't necessarily make your order appear any faster, but we may be able to figure out what's going on. For our full Shipping Policy, please click the box at the top of this section.


Are Dovetail Workwear pants preshrunk?

Yes, they have one wash during manufacturing to avoid shrinkage issues. For environmental reasons, we choose not to set our dyes with chemicals or repeat wash our fabrics.

How do I wash my Dovetail Workwear products?

Machine wash cold with like colors. Fasten hardware on overalls to avoid banging around in the washer or dryer.

We strongly recommend line-drying your Dovetail Workwear garment. Tumble-drying is hard on clothing, and can lead to fabric deterioration, color loss, shrinkage, warped elastic, and broken hardware. If you must tumble-dry, fasten all hardware and turn inside out. Dry on low, and take them out before they're crispy-dry and finish by line-drying.

If you work with or around drywall, we have had people report that the indigo dye on the Maven Slim in Power Stretch Denim can rub off within the first few weeks or months. The more you wash them, the less this is a problem, but please be careful in these situations as the indigo may transfer.

My Dovetail Workwear product has a defect or problem. What do I do?

Dovetail Workwear has a limited warranty that covers defects of workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. It does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors/material through time, exposure, or extensive use. If you would like us to assess the problem on your Dovetail Workwear product, please send us a message at with  the following information:
 • style/color and size/inseam of item 
 • order number 
 • a photo of the small white tag under the black care label (if any) 
 • one or more photos of the problem
For our full warranty, please visit the warranty page.

Fit and Sizing
How do Dovetail pants, tops, and accessories fit?
See our Size Guide page with details about our sizes, fabrics, and fits.

Where can I try on Dovetail products?

We are thrilled that various local and national retailers have started carrying Dovetail. See our Stores/Where To Buy page for our current store locations.

What if I discover that my size is out of stock?

We sincerely apologize. It's exciting that our products sell so quickly, but we want every woman to get what she wants!!  If your size is out, please consider putting your name and info on our backorder list which you'll see on each of our product pages if something is sold out. Your email address will be put on a priority list and you will be notified first when more products become available again. Our products sell out rapidly in certain sizes (particularly pants). To solve for this, we occasionally "pre-sell" select Dovetail products. With a pre-sale, you pay for your item(s) in advance of production, guaranteeing that you will get exactly what you want before it sells out.

When will Dovetail Workwear offer inclusive pant sizes?

Most of our pants are available in four inseams: 28”, 30”, 32”, and 34”. All pant styles are available in sizes 0–18, and in our most popular styles and fabrics, we offer extended sizing from 000–24. These items are as follows:
As a small, young brand, we have a ways to go before we can call ourselves truly democratic in sizing. We understand that inclusivity goes beyond numbers and requires holistic approaches to different body types from multiple points of view. As women ourselves, we also know it sucks when you love a piece of clothing, but it doesn’t fit. Know that if our apparel does not fit you, we hear and see you. And we are walking the talk behind the scenes. Increasing options for women is what got us started in the first place. We pledge to continue to do more, for more bodies.
How do I suggest a candidate for your Woman at Work series?
We always want to know about great Women at Work out there! You can suggest yourself, or a friend, by filling out this brief submission form. If we choose your submission, we'll be sure to get in touch with you!
Do you have things you want to tell us?
Do you want to suggest new ideas, key features, your hopes and dreams? Our ears are always on and we are listening.

Email us your thoughts at

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How can I become a Dovetail ambassador or get sponsored to wear your gear?
We don’t have ambassadors. We are YOUR ambassadors. We exist to lift you up and amplify your successes, through workwear.

Dovetail Workwear does not sponsor any influencers to wear our products. If you spot an influencer wearing our clothes, know that she’s wearing Dovetail because wants to, not because she’s being paid to.

If you think you or a woman you know would be a good fit for our Women at Work series, please nominate them here.

What are your sourcing and manufacturing practices, and where are your clothes sewn?
Our products are proudly made on planet Earth! Our supply chain relationships are the beating heart of Dovetail. We work hard to do right by them, and vice versa.

Making exceptional clothes means scouring the globe to find exceptional partners. Ours include bar-raising mills that are truly being the change we all want to see in the garment world—such as ISKO in Turkey, Cone Mills in Mexico, and Artistic Milliners in Pakistan (recent winner of a UN Global Compact award for sustainability and gender equality). Our suppliers are not only selected for their meticulous craftsmanship but also for their bona fide ethical practices, from labor to environment.