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Now In Bloom: Nature-Inspired T-Shirts by Madefound! November 2017

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Madefound's Qiana Rickabaugh Rich! 

While Rickabaugh Rich has worked as a graphic designer, photographer and copywriter, her passions coincided in Madefound, which has grown into a floral photography experience. 
A Madefound botanical portrait

"I struggled with defining what I did and how to monetize it," Rickabaugh Rich said. "I stepped back from work for a bit to spend time with our daughter and then I decided to go to the thing that made me the happiest, flowers, without defining what form it would take." 

We worked with Qiana to create two t-shirts that evoke the wild and unapologetic nature... of nature! Raw salt crystals spotted at The Meadow, a Portland artisanal salt store, inspired the geometric but organic design of our Salt t-shirt. For the Take It Outside tee, Qiana based the design on local botanicals with deeper meaning than their beauty. 

"It was inspired by photos of hydrangeas and penstemons that I had begun to process and manipulate beyond a more traditional photographic depiction into a digital art realm," Rickabaugh Rich said. "One of the hydrangea's meanings is gratitude for being understood. I thought that idea fit how customers felt after wearing Moxie & Moss."

Shop our Madefound collab t-shirts below. You can also follow Madefound on Instagram! 

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